10 Steps on how to Operate your Outdoor Patio Blinds

How to Operate Patio Blinds

10 Steps on how to Operate your Outdoor Patio Blinds

How to Operate Patio Blinds and care for your Totally Outdoors Alfresco and Patio blinds use the Ziptrak® system. Ziptrak® are designed to operate without resistance in the vertical tracks. Ensuring your high quality blind and track works for you we provide 10 easy steps to follow plus carefully ready your maintenance booklet or visit Ziptrak® for a full comprehensive review of ensuring you blind works simply and smoothly.

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Some items to ensure your system works as intended include:

  1. Always keep your mesh or PVC material clean.
  2. PVC product benefits from being left down so ensure when not using leave down. All materials including mesh prefer to be left down to provide an unwrinkled
  3. Avoid rolling blinds when wet or have condensation on surface 
  4. During high winds leave either fully down or fully up. Extreme weather blinds should be fully retracted. 
  5. Do not use window cleaning detergents to clean blind 
  6. Do not allow bird dropping, dirt or stains to remain on material 
  7. Smooth operation I what we expect your Ziptrak Blind should be. In dusty environments, sometimes you may wish to add lubricant. A food grade silicone spray such as Helmar H4000 may be considered. Do not use oil based lubricants such as WD40 as they may damage the spline tape and cloth the dust inside the track. 
  8. Ziptrak recommend VuPlex® for PVC blind cleaning and maintenance. 
  9. Do not use high pressure hose to clean your blind 
  10. Ziptrak blinds should be operated from centre. If you operate from one side, over time the blind may start to retract onto the top pf tube unevenly. This will cause the bottom bar to be not level. Whilst this is not a product malfunction or issue with installation, as only occurs due to improper operation. Please contact us for assistance to rectifying the issue.

Full reading the do and don’ts of ensuring your blind works smoothly and glides along the Ziptrak® as intended. Please ensure your consult your manufacturers maintenance instructions as by following manufacturer’s instructions will assist to prolong life of mechanism and fabric.

Click here to download the user guide.