Aluminum Shutters Bifold to Verandah - Australia

Fixed Aluminium Louvres Melbourne

Totally Outdoors has chosen the full aluminium Weatherwell™ Shutter Louvre system to provide your home with excellent external durability, privacy and security. The Louvre Shutters can be fixed or “opening or closing” for greater versatility.

Inventive constructions ensure no visible weld between the louvre and style, for a clean seamless look. The aluminium louvre shutters are perfect for exterior applications as a window, full height panels, or doorways with the Hinged, Sliding or Multi-fold system.

The Louver shutter system is an excellent way to make your verandah into an outdoor room with elegant contemporary visual appeal.

Shutters Multi-fold - hero


Hinged shutters are the most popular application option. Perfect for windows and doorways, providing great utility and ease of opening.

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This application is an excellent option for covering sliding doors. They can also be used to enclose balconies or outdoor areas.

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Multi-fold is the most flexible option, particularly when non-obstructed vistas are a priority. The shutters can be completely folded and retracted to showcase views.

Fixed Aluminum Shutters Melbourne


Fixed shutters are particularly suitable for screening and privacy. The fixed panels can feature either fixed louvres or operable louvres, depending on the function of the space and range selected.

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Extensive Warranty

Louvres Melbourne weatherwell


Our range of standard colours plus we can match colours, if required 

Louvres Melbourne lock shutters

Door Locks & Bolts

A range of security locks, bolts are available dependant upon shutter type chosen.

Maintenance for Your Shutters

Like with all external product regular maintenance is recommended to ensure your product performs per manufacturers estimates.

  • Aluminium to provide inherent durability of aluminium
  • Powdercoated Aluminium to reduced maintenance such as sanding and painting for timber or other products
  • Seamless, Elegant and Sturdy
  • Perfect for wet areas
  • Perfect to enclose rather than extend by protecting your outdoors area
  • Year-round protection from elements
  • Range of colour and timber textures
  • Fixed or Manually open and close louvres for increase privacy and protection benefits
  • Fixed or Opening Options
  • Windows and Doors – fixed, sliding, multi-fold or hinged
  • Lockable options for louvres, doors and windows
  • Range of Blade sizes to suit your home
  • All installations are made by fully trained staff

Two-Australia manufacturer of Aluminium Louvres & Frames provide following warranties

  • 10 Years powdercoated paints
  • 5 years custom finish
  • 5 years timber grain finish
  • 10 Years structural on frames and louvres


We can quote your opening without viewing project. So is your building with us or you have an existing structure we can provide price guidance subject to a site inspection.

To confirm our quotation a site inspection is undertaken to ensure our estimate is applicable.

Going Ahead

We are very aware that clients want their projects built as quickly as possible once they decide to go ahead. Certainly, all the Staff at Totally Outdoors undertake to do their best to make the period from contract to completion as smooth and prompt as possible.

Under normal conditions once initial deposit paid and government requirement for cooling down period completed, we will:

  1. We contact you to set up site measurement for final measurements to be confirm for manufacturing process.
  2. On-site we will finalise your requirements in line with estimate
  3. Manufacturing period is generally 6-8 weeks from site measure.
  4. We will raise a material order invoice for payment at this stage as products made to fit your order only.
  5. Installation will take place shortly after materials ready. We will contact to confirm arrangements and times to gain entry.
  6. Owners should ensure they are in attendance prior and after installation.
  7. Final payment is due upon completion of installation. We will have issued a final invoice to be sent prior to completion via internet or phone upon completion.

Generally, a building permit is not required for Shutters and Screens however this is not always the case particularly if within 1m of a boundary with screens for example.

Owners should advise our design consultants if they have special approval process required for their property.

Depending  upon your circumstances we always suggest check with

  1. Council planning requirements OR
  2. Body Corporate Requirements OR
  3. Other matters specific to your property.