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Timber Deck Builders Melbourne

Totally Outdoors is the best Timber Deck Builders Melbourne and the best composite deck builder Melbourne. We have designed, built and support hundreds of Melbourne deck solutions to our customers for years. Our speciality as hardwood decking builders Melbourne.

The Aussie deck has gone from the front porch entrance to the complete backyard entertainment area solution. Whilst a deck is often a more expensive option to concrete or paving, it can extend an area where land changes. Deckings can also provide a cooler friendly surface than other, often hotter, impervious surfaces.

Your decking area is a perfect way to mix up what usage you need for your outdoor area. Seats, screens, steps, and handrails also now become items you need to consider. Deckings can be the feature to lead to pathways and gardens. Our Verandah projects will often compliment the perfect outcome for your deck.

What decking materials can you suggest?

Materials have developed during the 2000s from traditional timber only options, such as softwoods and hardwood (treated pine, merbau, terrawood and spotted gum), into composite decking materials.

Composite is typically a mixture of wood fibre and plastic. The use of composite materials may reduce client concerns over environmental, maintenance and durability but the selection needs to be reviewed to ensure you’re aware of the warranty, maintenance and performance of the products as per manufacturer warranties. Terrawood composite decking is very popular.

The composite materials can also provide a Bushfire Resistant Decking solution to those in need of fire resistant decking solutions.

What timber decking do you Recommend?

The most widely used external timber used is Merbau. This timber has been in use in Melbourne for over 50 years with exceptional durability and performance but does require maintenance for appearance in the open.

Timber manufacturers typically do not supply warranties so generally, it’s the historic knowledge of its performance that should be considered. We don’t recommend Treated Pine but some other Australian Hardwoods such as spotted gum are a great alternative when a feature in the timber is a requirement.

What composite products do you Recommend?

We use Trex Decking and Terrawood but we can accommodate your preferred choice if advised prior to quotation. Warranty, colours, fixing methods and textures are also different between manufacturers and should also be considered including warranty performance of the deck as it a manufactured item and terms and conditions vary between manufacturers.

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  • Typically we use Timber, or we can provide Victory Galvanised steel for our subfloor options
  • Multiple timbers or composite decking options can be accommodated
  • As a deck requires a building permit, we provide architectural plans and permits provided with every project.
  • We can provide multiple Handrail and Step options to ensure the finish you need. Discuss with our consultants what your preference is.
  • Terrawood decking is available
  • Personalised decking Melbourne 
  • Totally Outdoors is a registered building company
  • 10 Year Registered Builders Workmanship Warranty
  • Experience – over 40 years in the Home Improvement industry
  • Our display centre provides our client with the opportunity to view the product to ensure the visual and performance outcomes can be achieved
  • We can accommodate various decking material options from hardwood to composite decking solutions
  • Plans and Permits come standard with our decking projects as decking over 10m2 does require a building permit.
  • We have decking architects Melbourne on hand
  • If your looking for a concrete or paving outcome we can quote these options both as the full project or adjacent to your project to complete your backyard makeover.

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See our Display Centre including outdoor room, kitchens, bar, deck, pergola, louvres, verandah, shutters, screens and more so you can really decide what you need and what your budget should consider. Our display centre provides a range of project ideas for better product and design selection. Ring today for your personalised viewing without any obligations.

Some Composite Suppliers Information for your reference.

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Decking Projects Information

Timber – generally timber does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Timber is sold generally as a decking grade related to species. As timber is a natural product some defects in timber are acceptable under the grading for timber and generally product specific. Australian timber often start at 900mm and longer and often without a great many long lengs available. Durability and maintenance needed vary between products and so researching material type specified and what maintenance you should maintain to keep your decking looking great for many years to come if required.

Composite Decking – each manufacturer often provides warranty periods and care and maintenance information to ensure warranty valid. Ensure you familiarise yourself with their requirements to prolong the performance of their products

All our steel and aluminium products carry full manufacturer’s warranties plus builder’s warranties when installed by authorised distributor Totally Outdoors. All installed projects will include Building Permits and Homeowners Warranty Insurance (if exceeding $16,000) to ensure your peace of mind.

Dependent upon product option chosen will attract applicable manufacturer’s warranty applicable if installed per manufacturer’s engineering and installation requirements. Please find some links below for warranty and maintenance information:

  • 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty from Victory Home Improvements, Please follow the following link Revolution Roofing when your product is using Victory Beams & Frames
  • 10-year Manufacturer Warranty. for Ultimate Louvre System. Please follow link from Louvre Master Pty Ltd., for more information on aluminium louvres and pins – fully moulded blades offering exceptional durability, strength, fire resistance and performance
  • 10-year Manufacturer Warranty from Bondor. Please follow links for SolarSpan & Shademaster Confidence and peace of mind when dealing with an Australian company that has over 60 years’ experience in composite technology
  • Colorbond Material Warranties are available against corrosion to perforation by weathering in the natural elements and for COLORBOND® steel also against flake and peel. For more details refer to Colorbond for a warranty and maintenance information
  • 2 Year Warranty. We use and recommend Ziptrack Blinds system follow link to Ziptrack Blinds site for warranty and maintenance information
  • 10 Year Warranty. We use and recommend HVG fabrics for our blind materials follow link to HVG site

Louvre Electrical Controllers, Remotes and Sensors by Techome please follow following link to Techome for various warranty relating to their products

We are very aware that clients want their projects built as quickly as possible once they decide to go ahead. Certainly, all the staff at Totally Outdoors undertake to do their best to make the period from contract to completion as smooth and prompt as possible.

Under normal circumstances project lead-time from deposit and stage payments paid, when requested, to installation start date is between 7 – 8 weeks to allow for preparation of (1) plans, application for standard (2) building permits, material order and delivery and start of installation.

General Notes & Reminders:
There is a min 7 days “cooling off period” required by law from signing of any agreement and deposit paid prior to a builder being allowed by law to incur any costs or commencing any works related to a building agreement.

(1) Clients are required to supply house plans for their site for plan process to begin. These can be obtained from their local council with standard lead time from 1 – 2 weeks. Obtaining your plans early will assist with our process.
(2) Standard Plan & permit service as included in all installed quotations unless otherwise noted. – (Refer DIY section for Kit only sales procedures)
(3) Council & Government Applications – Applications for approvals from council including Town Planning, Report & Consent or Fire Modifications can add minimum 5 to 12 weeks dependent upon application type, number required and council response timeframes. These “permit delays” are extra to our normal process times applications when required so planning ahead to allow for this extra time is recommended. Totally Outdoors generally undertaken these applications for our clients when required. Extra costs do apply to these applications and fee’s incurred. We do not and can not guarantee outcomes for all applications so we always suggest to discuss your proposed requirements direct with your council prior to engaging a builder.

At Totally Outdoors most if not all our installation quotes will include a standard building permit however we know this is a confusing area that many clients are faced when obtaining quotes for their project.

We hear many clients saying “Some builders say this”, “some say that”, “the other builder said we didn’t need a permit”, “I was told I can be “an owner builder” etc. etc. What are the facts as I don’t want the council around later requesting removal of my project or have problems when I come to sell? What is an owner builder?

These are the Facts!

Building Permits – Simply most structural building projects do require a Building Permit. Dependant upon your (2) local council a further Planning Permit (this is not a building permit) and possibly other approvals beyond the standard Building Permit may be required. This may be because your project does not conform to local council overlay or other standard government building codes or requirement. For example – issue may also relate to location, size or visual impact of your proposed project. All permits are site specific so must be checked against your property and other covenants and agreements that you have already agreed to, some of which are in your section 32 of your original property purchase.

Owner Builder – simply put this means you are the builder. This carries all the same responsibilities including safety and insurance that for example a registered builder needs to provide in regards to your project. So when a contractor asks you to be the “Owner Builder” you are accepting that role. Often this is done when a builder is unregistered and therefore unable to apply or enter into contracts that exceed $5,000 or just wants to appear cheap.

Our suggestion before you build:
Enquire if you need a building permit and about being an owner builder by following the link below to Victorian Building Authority or call 1300 815 127, you may be surprised at what you weren’t advised. 

Alternatively, contact your local council’s building or planning department or a licensed Building Surveyor to ensure you’re getting the right advice concerning your liability in getting a building project completed without the minimum building permits required.

When contacting your council (or Victorian Building Authority) the simple question might be: “I’m proposing to build a “roofed verandah” (or carport etc – advising the use, location, size and style will assist council staff with providing appropriate advice), will I need a building permit and will I need a planning permit?
(Note: We suggest your council might be the best source to check on any planning permit requirements).

Why should I get a Permit?
The facts are by ensuring your project is permitted you have the peace of mind that an independent Building Surveyor viewed and approved the project, carried out required inspections and all your warranties are valid.
(Note: Failure to have a building permit can result in the need to remove, modify and undergo expensive compliance requirements).

Peace of Mind
When you employ Totally Outdoors its simple, we will handle this process for you via The Project Centre who are extremely experienced with most council’s requirements. This provides you the peace of mind and the best possible advice once we understand your project and property.