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Outdoor Building Designs Melbourne, Totally Outdoors, with over 25 years of experience with design, supply and construction relating to Outdoor Living. This is a wonderful platform to start considering whom you need to consult for your home and lifestyle from an outdoor area.

Depending upon your needs, from patio, pergola, decks, verandahs, we can provide services beyond just the building of the project. Getting a project complete will relate to budget, lifestyle, design and planning. Some builders just want a decision; we want a sensational outcome and we’re willing to work with clients to achieve that.

Our Hallam Display Centre which is Melbourne’s No.1 Outdoor Structure Display Centre providing a range of project design options to help you decide what you need.

From Louvres, Insulated and Full Colourbond Gabled Verandahs, Pergolas, Decks, Screens, Kitchens, Bars, Blinds, Awnings and Outdoor Rooms plus much more all packed into one display. We provide our client’s with product and usage solutions to plan their perfect outdoor option.

Planning your outdoor project takes time to get the right outcome for your needs, budget and investment. Our goal is for our team to achieve the highest standard they can for our customers, big or small, from concept to completion.

Projects of Any Size

“Even the smallest project deserves the greatest attention”

Small Projects

Even the smallest project needs to consider the project outcome. How it sits with the home, colour available and best roof choice to satisfy you outdoor living requirements and budget. Our range of products, services and design options do offer clients the same opportunity big or small. Let us know your budget and we can try and provide a solution to fit.

Large Projects

Large projects take planning to get it right. It’s not just about a big roof. It’s about style outcome and lifestyle with a close eye on project performance and adding value to your lifestyle and home. It’s about the right product choice for the right usage. It’s about the durability and performance of each product. It’s about the right builder for your job who has a proven record of accomplishment of design and building.

Architectural & Building Services

Remove the permit hassle

All our project will normally include a standard building permit and plans unless our client supply them. Our sister company The Project Centre, is who we use to provide architectural drawings and permit services. We are able to use their professional services to provide design feedback, site analysis, council applications and a building plan to ensure what your buying is clearly shown.

The Project Centre – also with over 25 years in designing outdoor projects through to new homes, townhouses and beyond, pride themselves with providing our clients with professional outcomes every time. Any extra approvals are handled between The Project Centre and our customers direct to avoid builders’ margins.

Where possible our documentation leaves nothing to chance to ensure we have documented what you want and detailed brief that you review and approve.

Building Permits

Victorian Building code provides all consumers with the option to choose their own building surveyor. We can provide this option. Owners who may have single or multiple projects underway can also nominate a building surveyor, so just let us know not to include this service.

Council & Government Approvals

The building permit is just the final outcome of preparations for building. It is a fact that each council has varying requirements and essentially all sites have specific requirements beyond the minimum requirements of ResCode and the Building Code.

Finding out extra costs and often delays with getting your project moving forward to the work’s stage can be the most frustrating delay and cost for clients and our team alike. Lack of clear and unambiguous answers from councils are a thing of the past. We, through the Project Centre, provide the best professional avenue to obtaining the advice and the approval you need. Starting early with getting existing house plans and understanding what might be required is a positive way to begin your project planning to avoid disappointments in timeframe and costs.

“Poolside Shade Louvre for resort living”