5 Reasons Why Having an Outdoor Living Space is Good for You

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5 Reasons Why Having an Outdoor Living Space is Good for You

You see it happening in your neighbourhood and all over the world. Houses are getting bigger and yards are getting smaller. People are sacrificing a little
more of their patch of green to maximise their square-footage in building the actual structure of their homes.

It may be a sign of the times that homeowners are becoming increasingly preferential to having a bigger house. Perhaps, recent drastic weather changes
have caused them to be more inclined towards having a roof above their heads for protection against the elements of nature than a clearing of green
grass. Or the reason may just be plain economics and for them a piece of unused land is lost potential.

These are legitimate concerns and are actually quite practical. But let us not forget why keeping an open space is good for you. With the many building
project options available, you can now enjoy a bigger home floor area without giving up the benefits of having a thriving outdoor living space. So
before you bulldoze that knoll, consider these five reasons why you should keep your backyard alive.

1. Access to Fresh Air and Sunlight

Having a wide open space directly accessible from your main home will allow much needed Oxygen and Vitamin D into your living space. But you must be equally
ready for times wherein the wind and sun may become too strong for your own good. Installing an opening louvre roofing system in your outdoor living
space is just the solution to offer you the flexibility of having both a relaxing backyard environment and protection from harmful elements.

2. Green Relaxes and Calms the Mind

It is a well-known fact that the colour green has a calming effect to the body and mind. It is said to help with nervousness, depression and anxiety. Having
a quiet walk down a grassy path or a relaxing nap under the pergola can give you and your mind the down time that it needs after a long day.

3. Private Sanctuary

Sure, you can always go to the park and be in touch with the community. Being surrounded by good company is also a good way to unwind but having the option
to some quality time with yourself is priceless. Find a cozy spot in your patio and be free from the cares of your life even for just a fraction of
your day. This little routine of yours will leave you feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated to take on your next big task.

4. Open Space is Bigger Space

It’s said that the mind operates more freely in an area where there is bigger space or at least the illusion of it. You do not need to purchase that vacant
lot next door in order to achieve this. There are now plenty of building project ideas that can help you plan and design a suitable outdoor living
space that opens up your area making it look more spacious without needing extra land.

5. Being Ecologically Responsible Feels Good

Doing heavy construction, especially when poor planning has been made, can cause serious environmental damages that can not be reversed. Digging up a ditch
to make room for a bigger house means lesser perching area for the Eastern Yellow Robins. By setting up a verandah instead offers you more elbowroom
in your home while also ensuring that your favourite backyard birds have a safe landing pad for them to enjoy.

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