Colorbond Outdoor Rooms

Colorbond Outdoor Rooms

Totally Outdoors fixed single skin roof projects provide more colours, style, spans and finishes for every outcome. featuring 100% Colorbond frames and double sided colour roofing ensure best performance and outcome.

Outdoor rooms can be completely custom designed to fit in with any available space, whether it’s an open alfresco design with privacy screens for summer use or a completely insulated living room for use all year round.

The rooms can be open or closed in design and have a full range of colours and designs.

Colorbond Outdoor Rooms in Melbourne have take off in recent years due to the range of products and they way that Colorbond performs in the harsh Melbourne weather.

How about a backyard kitchen Gordon Ramsey would be envious of, an extra lounge with a huge TV footy nights or an extra room for when unexpected friends drop over, the possibilities are endless.

Colorbond Outdoor Room Benefits

Louvres Melbourne 30 year warranty

This snapshot of project options provides you with a range of application, location and finishes to demonstrate how we can help you. View our range below and give us a call or email us to arrange your FREE online consultation.