Louvre Roof and Centenary frame

Louvre Roof and Centenary frame

Louvre Roof and Centenary frame

Louvre roof and Centenary Frame

Louvre roof and Centenary frame offers a sensational options when considering having an opening and closing louvre roof for your verandah. Often we get asked what options we have for inserting our Eclipse Louvre roof into. Totally Outdoors can provide a range of frame options for Louvre roofs, however the Centenary frame is a popular choice.

Benefits from the Louvre roof and Centenary frame include: Colorbond Steel – Centenary is a colour steel with approx 60% gloss. This provide an attractive option with the benefits of the exceptional durability of coloured steel. Warranty & Durability – with a 25 years structural warranty Centenary frame and 10 years Eclipse Louvre warranty provides a combined manufacturers warranty unequalled in either other steel producers or aluminium louvre producers.

Why because our manufacturers believe in the proven experience and quality of their products. Low Maintenance – repainted steel offer incredible maintenance performance in non-mechanical application. This plus no painting and only minimal general cleanup due to dust and dirt provide substantial low maintenance outcome. Attractive Profiles – Centenary frames have a most attractive shape. This fact combined with the square side finish allow many additional
items to be fastened to frame. These may include items such as – handrails, blinds, lights. walls.

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Louvre Roof – our Eclipse aluminium louvres plus marine grade stainless steel fittings ensure that the operation of your louvre roof is of mechanical use products that will provide extremely low maintenance for their application. Remote control and Rain sensor is standard with our projects.
Where do we Supply and Install Totally Outdoors supplied both Eclipse and centenary products throughout Victoria. Installation normally restricted to within 100km of Melbourne or by arrangement. These areas include melbourne metro such as Brighton, Sandringham, Black Rock through to Sorrento. Picture in Blog was in eastern Gippsland township Moe.

Just all our office if you wish to enquire if we can help you. Display Centre Totally Outdoors display centre provide a display demonstrating many verandah, pergola and patio project options including the Louvre roof and Centenary frame combo. Open Weekdays from 9.00am to 4.30pm with Saturday only by prior
appointment. To arrange a personal appointment to review displays or arrange an onsite design consultation ring 9796 7158 during business horse or email us and we’ll call you. Totally Outdoors is a platinum registered distributor for
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