Louvre Roof with a Twist

Louvre Roof with a Twist

Louvre Roof with a Twist

Louvre roofs are a great way to add interest and style to any home. The name comes from the Louvre Museum in Paris, France where they were first installed. These days, many homes have them as an addition for their roofing needs because of the benefits that come with these types of roofs.

Have you ever wondered how a Louvre roof is designed? Well, it doesn’t just come in one shape. There are many shapes to choose from when designing your new Louvre roof. Each shape has different pros and cons that may be perfect for your home. The most popular shaped roof is the gable style, which offers a nice blend of modern lines with traditional appeal.

A Louvre Roof doesn’t need to be square or rectangular.

This verandah in Albanvale was designed to follow the Decking. We design each project individually to suit you.

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