How Louvre Roofs are Innovating Outdoor Living

Louvre Roofs and Outdoor Living

The Best Verandah for your home

Life should be full of “and” not “or.” You should be able to choose sun and shade. Not choose between sun or shade. That’s why louvre roofs are changing the world of outdoor living.

They’re changing the way we see our backyards and living space potential. They’re also changing the way designers and architects are seeing these spaces as well.

Is an adjustable louvre perfect for your backyard? Keep reading to find out.

Get More From Outdoor Living

The adjustable louvre is the best of both worlds, and the best of everything our world has to offer: Sun, breezes, nature sounds.

They are basically stylized adjustable panels that can be tweaked to be wide open, which lets the sunshine in. Or they can be closed to keep the rain out or excessive sunlight out if things get too hot.

Amazingly enough, you can also add a ceiling fan to do an amazingly good job of keeping cool when you feel like it.

They really just give you extra living space for your home, which you can change how you see fit. You can open it in good weather or protect yourself
for not-so-good weather.

They’re Easy and Affordable to Install

Despite their high-end look, they are remarkably easy to install, in terms of not requiring a huge material investment. But they still offer a sophisticated design that looks like you spent a small fortune.

We also offer an amazing warranty on them. You get:

  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Louvre Blades
  • 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Motors and other electrical

Are They Right For My Yard?

They work in almost any backyard, that’s the beauty of them. But they are particularly perfect for people who:

  • Are building/ renovating their home and want to add an extra living space
  • Are tired of their existing yard and want a drastic change at a reasonable price
  • Have an open space in their backyard that they’re not sure what to do with
  • Want to get more out of the nice weather months in their backyard
  • Are trying to sell/ flip a home and want to add some “wow” to the backyard

Ready to Take Outdoor Living to the Next Level?

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