Summer Trends for Your Outdoor Space

Summer Trends for your Outdoor Space

Summer Trends for Your Outdoor Space

Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time to match your décor with this bright and cheerful season. Besides filling your space with classic summer themed items, you should also keep things up-to-date by following the latest décor trends. By doing so you’ll create an amazing, stylish space that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends this summer that can help you find your Summer Trends for your Outdoor Space.

To help you get started, we’re listing off 7 of the biggest home décor trends for summer 2018 and how you can use them to liven up your living space!


Say goodbye to millennial pink and hello to light lavender. Lavender is finally taking the place of the ever so popular shade of pink. This calming shade is now being used to bring out the soft tones in deeply coloured furniture. Bring lilac and lavender into your home in the form of bedding, pillows covers and small accent pieces.

Circle Patterns

Circles are the new triangles and they’re huge this year. You can add this large circular trend into your home by starting with accent pillows or by going all in with graphic wallpaper.

Brass Accents

This summer we’re moving away from shining brushed silver and getting into more golden brass tones that offer more warmth. Add brass accents to your space in the form of outdoor stools, end tables or a decorative lamp.

Olive Green

Good news! Green is back this year in shades of olive and chartreuse. Compared to classic green, these softer shades will add a cozy finish to your living space. You can enjoy this trend by painting an accent wall, adding olive green cushions or with a dark, large plant.

Woven Textures

This year we’re bringing in more organic materials and traditional handcrafted pieces as a way to reconnect with nature. Update your space with natural accessories like baskets, large bowls (great for holding summer fruits), vases or rugs.

Warm Eye-Catching Colours

It’s good to see that warm primary colours are back in style this year. So instead of playing it safe this summer, add a bold pop of colour to your space with artwork, accent tables or pillows in red, orange or yellow.

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are huge every summer, but this year they’re a lot more feminine and feature large beautiful florals prints. Bring this trend into your home with accent furniture, small pillows, artwork or even wallpaper.

Now that you know some of the biggest décor trends, you’ll have no problem creating a trendy, yet personalized space.

But since your outdoor area is where you’ll likely spend most of your time this summer, why not make it unforgettable by updating it with a few on-trend décor items and a new verandah, patio or outdoor room!

Our team of design specialist can help turn your current outdoor area into an inviting place where you can throw fun parties, hold intimate dinners or simply relax in all summer long.

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