Insulated Gable Roof, Merbau Frame Verandah

Insulated Gable Roof

Insulated Roof Verandah

This job in Vermont, we created a ceiling finish indoor/outdoor Room. The end result was a room that is well insulated both from the summer heat and the winter cool. This allows this indoor outdoor room to be well used all year round.

If you are wanting to add an insulated outdoor room to your home as a way to either increase the property value of your home, or create an all year round usable room. Then come and see us at our display centres or outdoor rooms.

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Merbau Framed Verandah

Louvres Melbourne Merbau Frame Verandah

Merbau Framed Verandah – This is another example of a Melbourne Verandah that we produced for a customer recently.

Merbau Verandahs are one of our most popular verandah building materials and an excellent long wearing choice for verandahs in Melbourne.

Melbourne offers a unique harsh climate for verandahs both indoor and outdoor. This example shows a hard wearing external Merbau framed verandah that has an all weather roof to protect and enhance the all season use.