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Louvre Roof Designs

Louvre Roof Designs Totally Outdoors provides clients with many types of louvre roof designs. Key factors when considering the advantages and benefits of a Louvre roof design is the need to control weather (rain), light and shade both into the dwelling and the outside entertainment area. The Louvre roof can best deal with these factors unlike a fixed roof option.

Pitch Options – Firstly your louvre roof design is based on having as much light into the dwelling but with the added bonus of controlling heat when required. Totally Outdoors louvre do have a 160 degree pitch of blade to provide light options from either side of Verandah. This exclusive option provide clients with ability to maintain and control light (heat) dependant upon time of year. Its our experience id client don’t consider an opening and closing roof unless they they really need and want light control. Frame Options – Totally Outdoors and provide a range of frame options in their Louvre Roof designs.
These include:

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Colorbond frames – these frames via Fielder Centenary offer 25 year warranty with provide outcomes. These are a high gloss frame with matching bracketing and components.

Aluminum frames – providing increase colour options. Clean lines and match colour options providing benefits where colorbond colours not selected. Rendered frames – when matching your existing home materials rendered bulkheads and columns can make a “grand” statement footprint extension to your home. 


Timber frames – we have a range of timber options but mainly offer either Kiln Dried Hardwood for painted outcomes or Kiln Dried dressed Merbau for stained finishes. Both these timber options provide strong, stable and durable options

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Other Design Options – Totally Outdoors is attempting to add value to your home. We are not focused on being cheap rather being. professional with the outcome of your project first in our company goals. We can provide design options incorporating other panel products, blending of roof types as we seek with you your best outcome. Areas of Supply and Installation – Totally Outdoors is a truly Melbourne based builder however we do consider projects along Geelong, Bellarine and Mornington Peninsula and areas along the Great Ocean Road. These outlying district area’s plus throughout the Greater Melbourne suburbs we provide both supply (of materials only) or full or particle installation. For Builders and Architect’s we provide practical service and installation options when your considering our Louvre roof product for your projects.

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