Outdoor Room Designs

Outdoor Room Designs

Outdoor Room Designs

Your outdoor room designs should be reviewing and considering a range of proposed uses for your area. This review
of life style proposes  and general use can set a basis for the best design, size and materials to ensure the outdoor living area is successful.

Totally Outdoors will need to know a budget as without a clear direction in this regard our solutions may not match this important fact.

Items might include:


Consider area to include:

  • Outdoor dining area
  • Lounge
  • Spa
  • Cooking
  • Bar

Furniture to be accommodated:

  • Dining table and chairs
  • Lounge chairs
  • Plants
  • Animal shelters
  • Cooking – bbq
  • Entertainment items such as table tennis, kids toys

Roof type

Solarspan Verandah flat with merbau pergola

  • Gable – meaning pitch style
  • Flat (also know as skillion)

These to style pre resent the basis for various design options that flow by deciding if you believe a pitched style will better serve your needs.

styles will provide higher ceiling areas, sense of space, more usage options.

Design shape must also include what surfaces, style and options provided by the proposed outdoor area being considered. Totally Outdoors can provide many
normal or custom options because our suppliers have the best spans and standard connection options available.

Design your structure away from the dwelling also may provide design, light, space and movement options that a project joined to the dwelling cannot always
offer. Totally Outdoors design consultants are experienced to provide positive design options aimed at a successful lifestyle and assets positive outcomes
rather than a price point sale restrictive solutions aimed at obtaining a sale..


Timber– best to reflect of performance, durability then outcome painted or stained. Timber can be provided in many forms good
or bad.

Totally Outdoors suggest’s to consider only clear proven options.

These to include:

  • PrePrimed F/Jointed Dressed Treated Pine which deliver’s defect free high performance engineered Radiate pine
  • Merbau – a hardwood with proven durability, visual appeal and high strength and fire resistance qualities.
  • Australian Hardwoods – Dressed and Kiln dried. Mostly for painted options where hight strength might be required due to span or mininalistic requirements

Steel and Aluminium – Totally Outdoors provide Colorbond or Aluminium frame outcomes.

  • Centenary High gloss colorbond is a sensational option for external structures. Provided with engineering, good range of commonly used colours, 25
    year manufacturers warranty plus more ensures trouble free low maintenance projects.
  • Aluminum in powder coated or anodised colours can provide sleek high durable outcomes. With a full range of colour options available will ensure your
    colour section might be realised.

Floor types – options include paving, decking and various concrete options.

Totally Outdoors can assist with timber decking options.

Planning– ensure you allow enough timeframe for plans, council approvals, building permits and then building to the place. Even with trouble free permit processes
lead-times can be 6 – 8 weeks minimum from agreements and a confirmation site measure through to start of building. If other approvals required to get
a building permit approved then this process can easily be 12 – 20 weeks especially if town planning process required. Totally Outdoors does manage this
process via The Project Centre to ensure a professional
and experience advice and process.

We hope this overview of approach will help with your planning, budgeting,  design and lifestyle outcome decisions
to achieve your goals for your proposed outdoor room designs. Our Display is open weekdays to also assist with your material and design.