Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah

Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah

In planning your new outdoor area the Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah is a perfect solution where shade, rain and light are a required factor. Certainly small confined areas with limited light or dwellings where southern windows can’t afford losing their light source into the dwelling are prime examples.


Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah roof systems have been providing Verandah options for over 20 years. The opening and closing roof project offers a combination of ventilation, shade, light and when closed fully water proof outcomes. Having the ability to add or subtract the light (sun) into your outdoor area provide you with the ability to control heat from the sun to suit your needs. Ventilation also handy when that Barbie is being used or allow breeze to flow through your outdoor area on those hot summer days.


Totally Outdoors provides our clients with two proven Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah roofed options from two of Australia’s proven quality Australian manufacturers who have developed their products over many years to be leaders in providing the best opening and closing roof products in Australia. Totally Outdoors can and does also integrates is other Australian leading brands Solarspan (Insulated Roof and walling products) and Fielders Centenary Verandah
and Patio beams and roofing products into one outdoor living solution. Our aluminium blade products simply product trouble free outcomes not found in standard colorbond blade options.

Eclipse Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah Roof System


This louvered roofed system is a proven winner combining the quality of moulded Aluminum blades with stainless steel components with 10 year manufacturer warranty on their blades deliverers a water proof system with 180 degree blade

With fully powder coated blades Eclipse system blades can be made to order for colour matching that colorbond blades can’t provide. Increased durability from the aluminium and stainless steel components ensure rust and general maintenance is significantly reduced. Eclipse certainly proves great performance and outcome with no concessions.

Space Span Living Systems – Skyroof  *TM


Space Span Louver roofed system delivers a further enhancement in opening and closing roofed options. SpaceSpans Skyroof options provides wider spans (up to 3.9m ) with clean uncluttered lines operated using european motor hardwired or remote using standard 240v power.

Space Span ticks Totally Outdoors minimum quality requirements of Moulded Aluminium blades with maximum benefits from a leading Australian manufacturer including 180 degree movement, choice of bade profiles, powercaoted to order,optional rain sensor, hand or wall mounted remotes, multiple operating zones, no visible operating system plus many more system benefits that ensure quality performance and outcome.

Space Span Opening and Closing Skyroof *TM is a sensational upmarket solution for customer demanding the best outcome whether it be for domestic or commercial applications. Skyroof *TM simply takes opening and closing louvered verandah roof systems to the next level. Totally Outdoors is very excited to have two of Australia’s leading manufacturers choosing Totally Outdoors to distribute and install their Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah products within Metro
melbourne and Victoria. Best products = best practice = best outcomes – it just doesn’t get better than that. We at Totally Outdoors will be happy to discuss your needs and budget to suggest the right opening and closing louvered verandah outcome for your project.

Planning your project outcome


We at Totally Outdoors know that getting the right outcome for your project does take carefully planning and consideration of the best product design outcome for your budget and lifestyle needs.

So in planning your project contact us to discuss your needs, budget and design requirements, visit our display centre
to ensure our products match your needs and then arrange your free on site design consultation.

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*Skyroof is a licensed trademark of Spacespan Living Systems

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