Solarspan Verandahs

Solarspan Verandahs

Solarspan Verandahs are the best Melbourne Home Extension

Solarspan Verandahs make the perfect extension to your Melbourne home. With the extension of entertaining outside the main dwelling the  Solarspan Verandah options may just be the perfect solution to your outdoor living area. Totally Outdoors with its flexibility of multiple roof options has over the last 5 years shown how an insulated Solarspan verandah roof can make that perfect outdoor alfresco area or room become a reality.


Alfresco living of having a verandah with a ceiling lights and fans has become common place in Australian and Melbourne Outdoor Living. Totally Outdoors has taken this approach into external add on verandah by using Solarspan Insulated roofing. Totally  Outdoors own recent innovation of  attractive skylights between sheets has provided welcome light to dwelling windows and under project without the heat of a standard verandah roof.

Totally Outdoors has been dealing with Solarspan products as a preferred installer and dealer for many years. We have helped a lot of Melbourne home owners add an extension to their home with a Solarspan Verandah. The quality of these verandahs with the Solarspan product is second to none. And while the product is not a perfect fit for every verandah, there is a surprising number of situations that adapt well to a Solarspan verandah.

Benefits of Alfresco living include:


Hot and Cold – Solarsapn is an insulated roofing product providing insulated comfort all year round. Solarspan roofing products have the ability to be a cooler during the hot summer days or a warmer during autumn, winter and spring living than traditional Verandah outcomes. Protect your outdoor furniture– Bondor’s Solarspan Verandah Roofing also has no condensation (no drips from under the sheets on the sunny mornings) a major plus to your outdoor assets and those morning when areas become wet due to traditional condensation of metal and polycarbonate roofing sheets. Reduced cleaning and lower maintenance.

Visual Appeal – A full finished ceiling provide outstanding visual feel that normal roofing simply cannot provide. A finished ceiling provide clean ceiling without unsightly rafters, battens and roofing sheets usually associated as the visual outcome of a verandah.

Warranty – minimum 10 years manufacturers warranty provides peace of mind plus it’s low maintenance a further benefit.

Lighting, Heaters and Fans – the ceiling finish provides options to install lighting, fans and heating options that sheet roofing doesn’t allow.

Deadens Noise means if its raining being under a solarspan roof will be like being inside. The insulated core reducing noise from rain and hail.

Design Options – your project can have a variety of roof shapes and designs to blend in with your dwelling and enhance the value of your property. Totally Outdoors also can blend this project outcome with their full range of product options including Centenary frames and Eclipse roofing provide their clients with the best quality design options available.

Outdoor Rooms– Solarspan Verandah can be fully open or have Bondors self supporting insulated walls to fully or partially enclose your area to provide standalone outdoor sunrooms or shelters. The options are only limited by budget and design options both of which Totally Outdoors design consultants can assist you in getting the best outcome for every project.

Why & Where

Solarspan is the modern solution to outdoor living proudly distributed and installed by Totally Outdoors.

With over 20 years experience in outdoor living Totally Outdoors is Melbourne No1 builder in innovation, product options and design of attractive  and quality built Outdoor Living Structures.

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