Portsea – Opening and Closing Louver Project

Portsea – Opening and Closing Louver Project

Portsea - Opening and Closing Louver Project

This recently finished Portsea – Opening and Closing Louver Project featuring Eclipse Aluminum louver blades over a raised Deck area certainly makes an outstanding architectural statement to this new dwelling and the entertainment area as a whole. Design GoalsThe outcome to design a Verandah to blend with the new dwelling was owners overall goal. Control light, shade and weather was a must. Design therefore set about  blending of new timber frame and posts to the timber highlights of the dwelling.

Eclipse-louveres merbau-post-glass-h-rails-p3

Performance The Eclipse Aluminum powder coated blade certainly performs
in a seaside environment such as Mornington peninsula and locations close to the sea such as Portsea, Flinders, Rosebud, Mt Eliza etc.. Eclipse also has stainless steel turning pins to ensure long term performance in coastal applications to the opening and closing operation of the roof.

This connection allowed the deck and new Verandah bea blended function of the overall dwelling design rather than just an add-on. The Open or closed view of the beam from below or on the deck allows the dwelling to vary in appearance dependent upon the time of day.



Owners were keen to ensure long term durability and performance of the aluminum and stainless components rather than colorbond pressed blades and chose eclipse for this benefit amongst other reasons. Multi  Banked  SectionsDue to length of deck a multi-section design was chosen. This allows either individual opening or combined opening of each blade bank. This option provided flexibility to owners to operate each section independently or together.

The bulk head type louver sections also allowing lighting to become a feature of the joining sections between the roof louvers. this design providing excellent light location during the evening usage.

Colours & Shape A light coloured finish to the blade to provide good light bounce plus match dwelling colours. As blades are “powder coated to order” owners had no problems obtaining a colour match  to their dwelling. The shape of the Eclipse bade also provide good visual outcomes regardless of be open or closed. Whilst not a major factor is a important to have a visual blade shape that owners liked.
Eclipse louveres mulitple sections

Summary This Portsea – Opening and Closing Louver Project is a great example of the outcome for a louvered roof with
a view to die for. Owners now have the ability to control light and shade via Eclipses 180 degree blade range plus a fully locking blade to control rain when required. Design outcome was an important factor and Eclipse blades provided to be a  clear winner to this beautiful architecturally designed house.

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