Solarspan Verandah and Deck – Eltham

Solarspan Verandah and Deck

Solarspan Verandah and Deck - Eltham

Our new project of a Solarspan Verandah and Deck – Eltham provides owners with a sensational view, hugh entertainment area plus an insulated alfresco ceiling to a north facing aspect.

The north eastern area of Melbourne enjoy’s and largely has maintained the ambience of unspoilt woodlands and wildlife. Suburbs such as Montmorency, Research, Greensbrough through to Warrandyte, Park Orchards and Ringwood all have terrain and an ‘outer suburb” feel to their surrounds. Often a deck is the viable and reasonable solution where entertainment areas are remote to main internal living areas.

In the Solarspan Verandah and Deck – Eltham project the rear of dwelling from living rooms was a full 3mtrs from ground so owners new only solution to provide contact from an outdoor area was to have a high deck.

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Deck area of approx 9m x 5m with a alfresco ceiling solarspan insulated roof was chosen.

This width and depth of deck would ensure the outdoor entertainment area was big enough to suit most usage options whilst providing room for the usual furniture and storage items.

Solarspan was chosen to ensure are remain comfortable on both hot and cold days. Solarspan roof also does not have the condensation of standard metal roofs ensuring furniture remain unspoilt. Design included of some skylights to maintain some natural light. This benefit of a solarspan roof option is preferable to normal Alfreco’s which tend to have no allowance for natural light. Solarspans wipeable ceiling also provide easy maintenance.

Decking selected was Merbau – kiln dried, which is well known as providing high durability, high fire rated and strong underfoot floor. Totally Outdoors often uses this very predicable timber. Its lack of general defects including knots, gum veins plus its known performance qualities ensure known outcomes for our client.

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Upper timber frame and handrails incorporated Merbau timber including laminated posts 115mm and 90mm. Subfloor was Treated Pine Dry F7 and Cypress Pine 100mm posts. Using the dressed Merbau to main area ensured a high quality and durable outcome to visual areas of project.

Handrails used both Merbau rails with stainless steel wire to insure views remained part of the ambience of the whole project outcome. Again using Merbau (a hardwood) will assist is reducing movement whilst providing high durability.

All timber will need a final staining to ensure visual appearance and weathering reduced.

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