SolarSpan Roofing Solutions Melbourne

Solar Span Roofing Solutions Melbourne

About SolarSpan® Melbourne

SolarSpan Roofing Solutions Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading insulated roofing panel manufacturer. They produce some of the best offering long-spans, low pitch and high thermal efficiency to satisfy Section J requirements in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Developed over 22 years ago this engineered all-in-one insulated roofing solution offers a ceiling, insulation and roof sheet in one product for optimal thermal and build efficiency when constructing high performance building envelopes. Codemark approved and Australian Standards tested SolarSpan® features a COLORBOND® steel exteriorroof layer, an EPS-FR rigid insulation core with a pre-finished COLORBOND® ceiling underside.

SolarSpan® insulated roofing is faster to install than conventional roofing, eliminates the need for additional structural supports and extra layers as required in traditional roofing system eliminating purlins, beams, trusses, mesh, sarking, insulation and plasterboard as well as reducing the need for mutliple trades onsite.


  • Insulated roofing is faster to install than traditional roofing, insulation and ceiling linings.
  • Avialable in a range of thicknesses to increase thermal performance and spans between supports.
  • Manufactured and available in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and TAS using COLORBOND® Steel.
  • Suits commercial, residential and home improvement applicaitons.
  • Available with SecureLap® superior End Lap system to eliminate reliance on sealants and butyl tape.

Typical Applicaitons

  • Retail Store Roofing
  • Residential House Roofs
  • Educational Facilities – Gymnasiums, Assembly Areas, Auditoriums and classrooms.
  • Shaded Structures and Awnings

SolarSpan® and Totally Outdoors

The Outdoor Room, Alfresco, Pergola or Verandah providing ceilings and walls with an insulated outcome comes alive with SolarSpan insulated roofing and walling panels.

Totally Outdoors distributing and building with SolarSpan into pool rooms, gyms, games rooms and general outdoors living areas where clients are seeking a solution for structures that offers a premium roof and wall outcome with low maintenance and high durability.

SolarSpan is a combination of roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, functional and attractive panel. SolarSpan is fully integrated with the Centenary Verandahs and Pergola system to provide a engineered outcome for those customers wanting more than just another Colorbond roof.

The applications for SolarSpan are endless and is a perfect solution to normal pergola and verandah project plus decking extensions or through to stand done outdoors living area’s that are becoming a real option for the aussie lifestyle.

To review the type of outcomes, designs and finishes Totally Outdoors can provide to you for your outdoor living area, please check out our Outdoor Room page and gallery for some excellent project ideas.

Outdoor Roofing Ideas Melbourne

One of the primary places we turn when looking to produce Outdoor Roofing solutions Melbourne for outdoor rooms, Verandah & Patio, Pergola, Carports is to turn to the SolarSpan products as a solution for some fo the best long span solutions in Melbourne.

Below is a link to the SolarSpan brochure that provides some of the specifications and details of the range and quality of these roofing solutions that are ideal for Melbourne weather.