Melbourne Outdoor Louvre Roof System

Ultimate Louvre Roof System in Melbourne

We wanted what our customers wanted, The Best Melbourne Outdoor Louvre Roof System for Melbourne. With feeatures, design flexibility, quality, and benefits of a truly effective opening roof. The Ultimate LouvreSystem is that product.

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Totally Outdoor knows then when designing your outdoor project.

Why is it The Best Melbourne Outdoor Louvre Roof System?

We are focused on the Ultimate Outdoor Residential Louvre System in Melbourne.

Featuring L150mm or L200mm louvre blade options will deliver what you need. It combines elegance, durability and span options with total control over the amount of light, sun and shade you desire.

We chose Ultimate LouvreSystem for its quick closing or opening speeds of between 5-8 seconds to ensure your area stays dry when required.

With your remote control, you can dial in the light and shade required or close to protect the area and your contents (furniture, animals and other externally stored items) from adverse weather conditions.

Ultimate Louvre Systems are ideal for those with sensitive skin or concerned with sun exposure but simply don’t want a dark closed area outcome.

Ultimate LouvreSystem is practical, ergonomic and easy to use featuring 150mm or 200mm louvre blade options with spans up to 5.2m. These benefits are coupled with versatile frame design options providing impressive you to modern outdoor living to match your existing conditions. Maximum Bay size from between 26m2 to 32m2, based on louvres chosen, ensure design options to suit most client requirements.

Totally Outdoors offer varied frame options such

  • Powder coated durable extruded Aluminium
  • Steel using Victory Colorbond rolled formed beams
  • Timber
  • Rendered Bulkheads with flat
  • Gabled styles to suit your needs

Our fully extruded Aluminium blades are impressively durable and strong (not pressed Colorbond skinned blades with foam inserts), plus our aluminium and marine grade stainless-steel fittings are all backed by a 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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Ultimate LouvreSystems and Totally Outdoors simply ticks all the right boxes for your outdoor project needs in aesthetic outcome, quality and reliability.

Just some of the Key Benefits

Longest Span Available

The fully extruded Ultimate LouvreSystem featuring the Ultimate L150 & L200 louver blade offers you prestige living all year round with its superbly engineered Louvre system. Industry first with spans up to 5.2 metres, dependent upon blade chosen, location and wind rating. Louvre L150 system up to 4.m2 – Louvre L200 system up to 5.2m


Louvres rotate up to 175° degrees to catch the sun, shield the wind or create shade as you desire, before sealing closed for privacy and full rain protection. Rain sensor is a system standard inclusion ensures your area remains dry with “no hidden extras”. When closed the louvres interlock quietly to form a strong water resistant roof.

Bay Size & Compliance

We have increased maximum bay size available to provide design options and provide project flexibility when needed. Louvre 150 system up to 26m2 – Louvre 200 system up to 32m2. Max bay length 7.2m

 The Australian designed Ultimate LouvreSystem has been engineered to meet Australian Building Code requirements.


With manufacturer warranties up to 10-years Blades and Track system plus an industry first, 7-year Motor warranty and 3-year Electrical controllers the Ultimate LouvreSystem simply beats the rest.

Rain Protection

Our overlocking blade design provide exceptional performance, resistance and protection against rain under most weather conditions.


Using highest quality 6106-TS Aluminium and marine grade Stainless steel components the Ultimate LouvreSystem blades, tracks, connections and motor components including sealed motor rating to IP07 for extra durability, deliver in all areas.