5 Different Verandah Designs to Increase Your Property Value

5 Different Verandah Designs

5 Different Verandah Designs to Increase Your Property Value

Verandah provides a lovely space for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. They also expand the living space of your home, increase your home’s value, and protect your home from harsh conditions and the sun.

If you’re thinking about adding a veranda or improving the one you have, keep reading. These five trendy veranda designs will have you ready to renovate in no time.

1. Louvre – Opening & Closing Roof Design

Once known as “Vergola verandah’s” the open and closing louvre roof designs are about controlling shade, sun and rain. They get the name because they are similar to pergolas. Open veranda designs simply give you more options by allowing you to control your environment by to the patio area or to the windows of your home.

The roof of a louvre roof can be fully, partially or completely open. Modern designs use extruded aluminium louvres and frames for increased durability, strength and colour choice as products can be powder coated to order.

Louvre verandah’s help brings the outside into your home by allowing for adding light and sun on those sunny winter days.

2. Expansive Verandah

Verandah that expands the length of your home not only look amazing but they also significantly increase the square footage of your home. This means the value of your home increases as well.

Some popular ideas for large Verandah include side Verandah that reaches to a backyard deck or pool. The perfect choice might include colorbond or aluminium frames for added visual appeal and low maintenance durability.

Backyard Verandah that expands directly into the yard or pool area creates the perfect entertaining space for BBQ, outdoor kitchen, lounge and play.

Expansive verandah designs also protect your home from harsh weather and sun damage and can keep your home cool during the dry season. Shapes can include Flat, Gable or combinations to suit your home.

3. Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor Rooms are great features for connecting your home or located elsewhere depending upon your needs. Ie: adjacent to your outdoor pool.

They provide shelter space for relaxing and entertaining just feet from the water and sun and may include kitchens BBQ areas or outdoor bar.

As an outdoor room, they might include walls, doors and windows that make the space more intimate and cozier.

Plus, you can add a trendy outdoor kitchen and you’ll never need to run inside. No more worrying about tracking in food, water and dirt.

4. Gabled & Curved Verandahs

Verandah with gabled roofs is trending right now. The look is unique and modern while fitting with most any home style plus adding the ability to ensure area free of posts.

Gabled and Curved-roofs keep the veranda clean from debris and protect against direct sunrays. Both roof types can have polycarbonate roof options for increased light. They also make space seem and feel larger. Trust us, this design will certainly turn the heads of your neighbours.

5. Insulated Verandah

Insulating your veranda will attract more buyers, especially those who want to be outdoors during the cooler seasons and usability of the area during winter.

Insulated Verandah has insulated roofing that not only keep the space warm and the veranda protected, but also provide a sleek and contemporary look. Introduce lights, fans and heaters for that perfect Alfresco feel Insulated veranda designs can have either a flat or gable style roof.

Get Started-Turn your Favorite Veranda Designs into Reality

Whichever of these veranda designs you choose, your home value will increase and you will fall back in love with your outdoor space.

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