Install a Verandah

Install a Verandah

Install a Verandah

Install a verandah is a common task undertaken by home owners in Melbourne. Getting you new home or renovating a tired old timber verandah can provide the perfect lift to any outside area.

To install a verandah choices are many. Provide your home with a covered roof will provide the perfect outdoor entertainment area. Provide for covered rear exit. Provide a dry area for animals. The benefits are many from install a verandah project.

Some things to note is that Verandahs add some great living floor space to your home and enhance the living options that you have with your family to enjoy. Having the option on any day of the year to enjoy the outside apace you have both with comfort and elegance is important. Many families who choose to install a verandah in Melbourne enjoy the increased value to their home while they get to enjoy all weather BBQ, eating and dining or just relaxing and working.

When installing a verandah it is one of the few item that you can speed less and get more. That is to say the outlay is often less than the value added and certainly when you take into account the increase in living space.

Materials and Outcomes

Budget will influence your choose of materials to install a verandah. Conventional timber project tend to be cheaper to build but will often require more maintenance. There are a range of verandah option with building materials to suite.

  • Curved roof verandah
  • Flat roof verandahs
  • Gable Roof verandah
  • Sun roof

In some areas, the choice of materials may be set by council and regulations. In a fire prone area that bounds bush for example you may be required to meed strict fire regulations when constructing a verandah.


Colorbond or Aluminum structures whilst more expensive will provide less maintenance and high durability. As pre-painted will provide a cost benefit over the life of the project.

Timber – Treated pine is the economy option. Dressed dry option providing the best outcome for strength, reliability and performance. Hardwoods will provide the best visual outcome and can add significantly to your project outcome.


There is a range of product available to use in your install a verandah project. Single skin colorbond roofing, insulated roofing and louver roofs. Each roofing options will provide different benefits and outcomes and it’s in this area your project outcome will be noticeable.

Bluescope Colorbond is the leader in pre-painted metal roofing. With extended warranties and proven product outcomes it if difficult to consider another option. * Centenary Products now use exclusively Colorbond products in the beams and roofing products. Check your Builders manufacturer product source to see if it they use the real Colorbond product.

Style and Design

Making the right frame, roof and design option will ensure your project outcome will not only accomplish your usage needs but also add value to your home. Having quality products will provide significant benefits including extended warranty, durability and visual outcome.

Display Centre

Louvres Melbourne Centenary Solarspan Verandah Display Totally Outdoors 3

We at Totally Outdoors have provided our clients with an undercover verandah and pergola display centre to assist with choosing the best product option for your budget and project design.

Do I need a Permit for my Verandah

Yes, a roofed verandah does require a building permit. Dependant upon your property and location of verandah a town planning permit or other council permissions can be also required. Our experienced design consultants can assist you in this matter. We are experienced and ready to assist you whit any enquiries you may have with installing a verandah in your Melbourne home.

If you require a free onsite consultant or wish to view our display centre please contact us.