How to plan my Outdoor Area

How to Plans my Outdoor Area

When considering “how to plan my Outdoor area” and a Verandah design option is a common project structure to consider. The type of roof style (visual outcome) its performance (shade and shelter) normally the major  reasons it is considered.

What do you need?

In this the first of three examinations of “How to Plan my Outdoor Area” we will study Location and Light and Shelter. These two components are connected and set the pattern for what other components completing your vision of your outdoor area will take. Clearly the actual size of outdoor area will determine what can be done, but never forget keep some open area with ability to get direct sun light will ensure a good balanced outdoor (backyard) area. Location,
Function, Light & Shade, Protection from Rain, Style (design) are some of the varied issues you should tick off for your roofed area.


Generally a large amount of Verandah’s are located on or around the main rear exit to our outdoor area. Often coming from the lounge , kitchen or rumpus room with where a possible connection to inside enhance the effectiveness of the outdoor area.

The right location will be ensuring you have the space to accomplish your needs and usage that you envisage from your outdoor area. Often best to provide your outdoor area with both undercover and open (uncovered) areas. It is important to get a blend of these two outdoor requirements. Remember you don’t go outside to go under just another roof.

Whilst hard to give a rule such as must here or there, as in a small confined yard a roof area might be just an effective dry area at the entrance to the dwelling. A north facing yard might allow and demand more shade. A south-facing backyard might need extra protection from rain but might feel cold and dark if roof type not correct. Therefore consider sun (light and shade) in all 4 seasons with considerations of impact from various roofed options. Location perfection might be a reasonably sunny position where you control the environment. Certainly a dull damp dark outcome to an outdoor area
is not a good outcome. Our Design Consultants have the expertise of providing the advice you need to consider your best out come for your property. Remember your structure will be a long time so provide the correct consideration to its location.

 Function – What and how much space do I  need?

Many people have different needs and requirements from their outdoor areas. Some might be entertainers for family &/or friends others just want to enjoy their gardens and private open space. Knowing your needs and preferred outcomes will ensure you choice will be successful. Size of Verandah – simply doesn’t always need to cover total area, but ensuring it covers possibly items such as the main rear exit, main furniture times and cooking
equipment might be minimum  requirements.  Provide good area’s for daily traffic (without need to constantly move items) and general usage also a consideration. The outdoors areas floor also a main consideration.In sunny hot areas concrete or paving can be hot and uncomfortable and therefore require shade. Timber decking perfect for hotter elevations. Most non-elevated areas allow more floor options than a an elevated location where decking can only be considered. Remember: Just increasing the size beyond a reasonable amount may therefore not achieve any particular goals. Not also what shade is produced by dwelling and what shade might be thrown by Verandah. With emphasis to afternoon sun knowing where areas get nice shade might provide increase summer living areas (see below).

Light & Shade – Consider the Sun

Design of your Verandah should have outcomes that provides good internal light under project, where possible, throughout the year. Dependant upon time of year clients searching for the verandah options often the time of year of the enquiry clouds their preference. In summer generally we think of hot humid sunny days and make our verandah decision purely on that need. As recommended above think about the whole year as we (in southern Australia) really only have a limited hot days. If in Queensland where heat a more constant issue insulated and shade a prime concern. Think therefore about the whole year (not just at the time of quotation), what you like and want from the area, and what impact a roof might have to inside your home. Our design consultants have a multitude of roof options to  be able to provide the right options to consider. Seasons in Melbourne Summer – some hot days, sun higher in sky, longer days, great to be outside, plenty of light Autumn – sunny but cooler milder days, more chance of rain, great time of year
for sitting in the sun morning noon and night Winter – any sun welcomed, sun lower in sky and day light lost by late afternoon. Rain – already over it and backyard what backyard see you in the spring. Spring – gardening, increased sunny days, wind oh wind go away, great time for sitting in the sun, thinking of having friends around. Whilst your lifestyles might be somewhat different to above, our seasons do dictate our needs and considering them in our project outcome will provide many benefits.

Considerations might be: North – West Elevation
  • Consider a spread of skylight in your Verandah that provides even light. More Metal sheets (often colorbond) to reduce heat and temper light and heat.
  • Ensure skylight have a heat reduction factor.
  • Preference towards non glare skylight options
South – East
  • Higher spread level of skylights
  • Skylights that offer wider throw of light
  • Design of Verandah to encourage great ambient light.

Reducing light significantly maybe not be a welcomed option, although reducing summer heat may be just what may be required. Hot summer suns can turn your home into an oven so projects with north elevation can have significant cooling benefits but remember ensure you still have good natural winter light. Remember the complete reverse happen on the south elevation.

Remember: big’s not better. The right design and the right light/shade option will be what works in your area. Maybe a more expensive design with light or shade options might outweigh an overbearing huge Verandah structure of similar cost. Open space and shade from your proposed Verandah should be considered.

Suggestion:  Indicate to your builder your budget range and your area needs that way they might be able to assist with providing options to suit both budget and usage.

Our Options Centenary Verandah

– significant roof style options ranging from skillion, gabled, curved, hipped and every combination of the four base shapes. combined with 20 years structural warranty hard to go past. Solarspan

– a sensational insulated roof products than can be used with centenary or timber outcomes. Providing alfresco outcomes right through to outdoor room
applications. Eclipse – opening and closing roofing. A leader in louver roofing with aluminium blades and stainless steel fittings. Opening and Closing roofing providing light, shade and protection from rain…. simply they have it all for the outdoor roof.

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Getting a Quote: Provide clear project needs and a reasonable workable budget range will ensure you get the valuable input from our designers to make your outdoor area a success. We do ask our staff to listen and learn what you need. So don’t be afraid to tell us what you need. We cover the greater Melbourne Metro and surrounding area’s but supply our products throughout Victoria. Welcome designer, builder and DIY enquiries. Contact us now to start the process started

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